Welcome, and thank you for visiting Casta Diva’s virtual home. We hope in this introduction to give you a little look & feel of our most unique venue and restaurant.

Since 2005 we hosted good friends, dignitaries, famous folk, and yes, just ordinary people like you and me, who appreciate the finer things in life… excellent accommodation, food, fine music, soothing décor, acclaimed wines… and of course great hospitality. From the original “Witfontein” farmhouse Casta Diva continues to enjoy the warm and opulent ambience expected of one of South Africa’s most upcoming venues.
Casta Diva was purchased in 2004, as a private house and over the years the venue has been enhanced, ensuring that up to date renovations and décor, all in place to make your experience as pleasurable as possible.

Our restaurant has developed from a base of Dutch, French, Mexican and German influence, to that of an establishment with a highly sought after International Cuisine, the restaurant is surely building a proudly South African reputation, as well as an international following. Our chef’s philosophy is to have the best available ingredients sourced for our menu. They are not confused by the so-called wonder Fusion Foods, or other here today gone tomorrow food fads, however, they do recognize that eating patterns are changing constantly! More knowledge and concern for healthier eating is apparent and therefore offered.

The breaking down of food barriers is exciting and enjoyable. With this in mind, they have added to classically rich favourites some tantalizing new flavours and has steered away from the excessive use of heavy creams and butters.

The change of some “heavy” French cuisine to welcome a more health-conscious era has not been a challenge for them, and hence they have pride in achieving this in a period of ever-escalating costs and trying to contain prices – remembering of course that we are also a consumer! Our whole team endeavour is to ensure that your visit to our fine venue is both pleasant and memorable, and to this end, we will share with you our philosophy. Besides being a Hotelier, we are foremost also a consumer, and in fact, a fairly demanding one. As such, we have certain expectations.

We believe that a Casta Diva experience should be special, and we know that Casta Diva is indeed a very special place for a number of reasons. Quality is what we offer every guest, and the timeless truth of “value-for-money” is important to us, with NO hidden costs and extra charges, as is practised in almost all so-called “fine” and other establishments. Our team collectively offers quality and unparalleled service. Friendly, intelligent and unobtrusive staff who are neat and appropriately dressed will certainly not be giving you a tawdry two-minute hiatus of “Is everything still OK?” which banter certainly should not be considered as service. Personal hospitality lends to making our theatre of hospitality more complete.

Your Casta Diva experience is enhanced by the finest of table appointments, with total comfort, and strains of soothing music adding to the ambience. Of course, the company you choose to share your experience with is totally up to you! – the rest is what we are here to take care of.

We welcome smokers outside, and in keeping with current Tobacco Regulations, we ask those who smoke to show due consideration to those who do not. Please do not take offence should we ask you to extinguish your cigarette.

We trust you will take pleasure in a splendid experience, a meal of composition, filled with colour, clarity, taste and texture in elegant surroundings. Your enjoyment is our inspiration – indeed all of our inspiration – enjoy, enjoy.

The Casta Diva Team

Casta Diva is going green, we partially run on solar power.
In all our rooms, the main lights and ceiling fans are connected to our battery back-up which is charged by solar power!
Save the planet and book yourself in at Casta Diva.