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Jennifer Ferguson

One of South Africa’s foremost performing artists and singer-songwriters, Jennifer served 3 years as a member in the National Parliament, under then President Mandela. She took a controversial vote abstaining against her own party in 1996, soon afterwhich she made the decision to happily resign from the world of politics! Jennifer has recorded 2 highly acclaimed CD’s- Hand Around the Heart (‘85) and Untimely (’87) as well as a live recording Suite/Sweden (’98) and the collaborative Seeds of Peace (2003). Together with her husband, Swedish Choral conductor and composer, Anders Nyberg, who co-wrote the Academy Award nominated film 'As it is in Heaven,' they co-founded Peace of Music, a non-profit organisation that worked culturally with the children of Troyeville, Johannesburg. Many of their ongoing projects involve dynamic cultural meetings between Sweden and SA.

Jennifer is mostly based in the small village of Dala Floda , Sweden, however she is blessed to be able to work from her tiny apartment in Stockholm  and  her flat in the beautiful Art Deco block of Beryl Court Troyeville, overlooking the dramatic skyline of Johannesburg! Jennifer is highly regarded performer/ musician/composer/ singer-songwriter in both SA and Sweden and works extensively as a Voice Therapist/ Counsellor/ and in the field of Personal  Development as a facilitator.


Jennifer, also -and miraculously-a mother of three, Ralph 18 and Gabriel 13- both schooling at Waterfrod Kamhlaba in Swaziland, acknowledges especially her daughter Johanna 11, blessed with 'Down' Syndrome, to be her greatest teacher.